How does it work and what's included? 
A naturopathic consultation involves a thorough discussion about your health where we delve deep into your previous medical history and presenting symptoms to identify patterns of imbalance. Where necessary,  lab tests may be suggested to investigate hormonal, metabolic or chemical imbalances, which is done through blood, serum or stool samples.

What to bring?
1.  Two day diet diary  
Pathology results taken over the past 12 months
3. A Pen and paper should you wish to take notes

Fee structure is as follows:-
Initial:                          60 min  $160
                                    45 min  $120
Follow up standard:   30 min  $80
Consultations are covered by private health insurance and receipts can be emailed to you directly.  



We will help to bridge the gap between how you feel and how you'd like to feel by giving you the tips and tricks to avoid burn out and the best you can be.

During a session, you will recognise the triggers that cause you the most stress and how to restyle elements of your life so you have more energy for you.